Copyblogger’s Commonly Misused Words

One of the blogs I follow is Copyblogger, a wonderful resource for writing copy for the web with an emphasis on marketing.

A recent post by Brian Clark entitled The Inigo Montoya Guide to 27 Commonly Misused Words caught my attention and not just because I am a fan of the Princess Bride.

My mom is a stickler for good grammar; something I didn’t appreciate growing up but for which I am now thankful. A pop song is forever ruined for me when I hear the commonly misused phrase “for you and I” (correct grammar is “for you and me”). One of her favorites was the phrase “centered around” which is redundant and should correctly be “centered on”.

It thought the copyblogger article was helpful and a good refresher. Does anyone out there have any favorite grammatical blunders to share?